With CC Moore 2017 saw unparalleled success for many anglers using CC Moore products, and this year is set to go one stage further with a host of innovative new products added to our extensive range! Established classics such as Live System and Odyssey XXX continue to produce outstanding results for anglers all across Europe and beyond, and Pacific Tuna accounted for an incredible number of notable captures on the toughest of venues in 2017 and will undoubtedly be the number one choice for many big fish anglers in 2018! New additions to our range this year include the brilliant pure Tuna Oil, and the truly innovative Liquid Pre – Digested fish. These unique liquid foods offer multiple applications for all anglers, and especially the home bait maker! Our new Liquid Squid Extract is a potent blend of fresh squid and other natural marine products, and field-testing results have been nothing short of remarkable! We are incredibly excited to see this innovative liquid unleashed in 2018 and the numerous big fish it will undoubtedly account for.

CC MOORE has had one aim since the company’s conception in 2011. This has been to produce the finest coarse and carp fishing baits on the market, and it is an aim they strive for every time a new product hits the design room. As a company with its roots in the pet food and animal feed industry, it has reached the angling industry with a wealth of experience already under its belt.

CC Moore produce inovattive products that demostrate excellent value for money. They have inovated many new falvours, making it easier to catch a carp.

With the rise in the popularity of carp fishing, the bait you use has become increasingly important as the carp get used to the same tired old flavours which used to entice them.

The focus on nutrition in their range should not go un-noted. This focus means that when fish go for a CC Moore bait they are not just enticed by the masterful flavour combinations but also because it provides vital and viable nutrition for the fish. This means that anglers often experience double catches on the same day because the fish just can’t resist.

CC Moore has one of the highest quality bait centres in the industry. As most of their bait is made from human food and pharmaceutical grade products, they consider the storage, processing, and handling of its ingredients to be of the utmost importance. Its purpose built facility demonstrates the investment the company has taken in the production of its baits, and assures anglers than no cross contamination can have occurred whilst the bait is on-site. CC Moore believes that there is no point in using high quality ingredients if they are going to be negatively impacted upon during storage and production.