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DYNAMITE BAIT is Europe’s largest bait company. With literally hundreds of boilies and dumbells, pellets, ground baits, particles, hook baits, liquids, stick mixes, and pastes to mix and match, Dynamite ensures you can create your perfect bait.

Dynamite Baits produce all their bait in Nottingham, so despite their international appeal they truly are a British company. The company specialises in boilie production and has a full range of flavours, available in kilo bags, in pop-up form, and as a base mix kit so you can create your own. The Source Boilie was one of the first in their product range, released in 2002 and developed over a period of years until it was honed to perfection. The ingredients include many trademarked components that have been researched and developed by Dynamite to create a completely unique flavour and texture that carp love.

Dynamite sources technology from across the food industry to create baits that guarantee bites no matter the season. Take its White Chocolate and Coconut range, for example. These have utilised technology from the ice cream industry to sure maximum flavour is released in the coldest winter conditions.