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At Sonik their aim is to offer a concise range of well designed products that deliver on every level and offer great performance, quality and value for money. With three key new range introductions, their carp offering has never been stronger. Best known for rods, this year sees the Sonik range simplified into three core ranges of ‘VADERX’, ‘DOMINATORX’ and ‘GRAVITYX’. Whatever your budget, we are confident you will be able to find a rod, reel or full outfit to suit your needs without breaking the bank. The new SK-TEK range of soft goods replaces the previous SKS series and includes shelters, sleeping equipment, chairs and luggage. Each item has been carefully designed and developed to be functional, durable and provide more comfort and protection on the bank. The luggage features their own new unique custom camo material and incorporates many unique features that help to organise and store equipment more effectively.

For the keen lure angler, the new Magna rods have been extensively tried and tested to cover most fresh and saltwater applications with hard and soft lures. The stunning cosmetics are sure to appeal and we look forward to adding other items to this range during 2018. Last but not least, their sea range has been expanded to include fixed spool reels, luggage and accessories with clothing to come later in 2018. Whatever your chosen discipline, we hope their equipment helps to increase your enjoyment of the sport and will continue to do so for many years to come.