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Trakker is a company with a rich history. This heritage is important to us but we must always look to the future. Our customers have steered the company to the needs and expectations of today’s serious angler. Trakker is now established as being one of the leading suppliers of quality carp equipment but going way back to the early 1980’s the company was originally called Rainbow Angling Supplies and carp angling was almost unheard of….

The founder of Trakker Products is called Carl Drabble and at the start of the early 80’s found himself, like many others, a victim of the closure in Sheffield of many steel and cutlery firms. Always a keen match angler Carl had always dreamt of turning his hobby into a business and now that redundancy had meant he was out of work he decided to give it a go. From the outset the company’s principles lay in producing high quality, innovative products although initially these were for other famous brands of the time such as Shakespeare, Shimano and Browning amongst many others and were all manufactured in Sheffield to order.

During the 90’s however more change arrived in the form of cheap imports from China, in a very short period of time most of our existing customers had re-sourced from China and a change of direction was required in order for the company to survive, this change of direction involved the emerging carp market and with it the start of a new era – Trakker Products.

From supplying other brands with bespoke product we were now dealing directly with the retailer with our own range of products which were designed and manufactured in the UK. Initially these were luggage items for which we had many years of experience in manufacturing.

The big breakthrough came with the now legendary Armo Bivvy. For some time we had had a link with a small company in Cheshire called Aqua Products who produced a small range of equipment and sold directly to the angler via mail order. The quality was the best in Europe but on a small scale due to the limited distribution channels. It then made sense for Trakker to manufacture the Armo Bivvy under license and sell to the retailer while Aqua continued to trade directly to the end user. The demand for the Armo was unheralded and very quickly the workforce was doubled in size to cope with the amount of orders it was inundated with. Within a couple of years another classic bivvy design was introduced in the form of the Pioneer and its lightweight brother, the Ultralight, again the demand was incredible and Trakker was well and truly established as one of the UK’s leading supplier of carp equipment. The Armo Bivvy has now evolved to be still the leading ‘pram-hood’ shelter and the Pioneer has evolved to what we know today as the superb Tempest Bivvy.

Building on these foundations was incredibly important to securing the future of the brand and we have done this by concentrating on product design to drive the company forward. Design successes such as the Levelite and RLX Flat-6 Beds show that innovation is key with products that are market driven.

At Trakker rather than trying to be everything to all men we prefer to concentrate on products we are famous for. We’ve never been the cheapest but we’ve always strived to be the best. So far this strategy has worked incredibly well for us over the last thirty years.

Here’s to the next thirty years…

At Trakker our aim is to be the very best at what we do. Winning awards voted by the public is one way to measure the success of our product. Over the years we’ve won multiple awards for products throughout our range, and we intend this to continue by constant development and evaluation of our products.

The 2017 Carp-Talk Readers’ Awards
This year saw us receive a number of awards from the readers’ of Britains’ best-loved carping weekly, topped by Best Bivvy and Best Luggage awards for the Tempest V2 Bivvy System and our NXG range respectively. We were also chuffed to be highly-commended in the four more categories: Best Clothing; Best Landing Net for the Hydro 42″ Landing Net; Best Bedchair for our Levelite Bed; and Best Unhooking Mat for the Sanctuary Oval Crib.

Best Bivvy
Winner – Tempest v2Best Luggage
Winner – NXG

The 2016 Total Carp Magazine Awards
2016 continued to be a winning year for us, with the Carp Society Show at Sandown Park being the place where we were to receive a further six awards voted for by the readers of Total Carp Magazine.

Best Bivvy
Winner – Tempest v2 Bivvy System
Highly Commended – Armo Bivvy

Best Brolly
Highly Commended – Tempest Brolly

Best Luggage
Winner – NXG Luggage Range

Best Bedchair
Highly Commended – Levelite Bed

Best Clothing
Highly Commended

The 2016 Carp-Talk Readers’ Awards
March 2016 found us exhibiting at the ever-enjoyable Carpin’ On Show, which is fantastically organised by the publishers of Carp-Talk, Carpworld, and Crafty Carper magazines, where to our delight we were invited onto the main stage to receive two awards, both voted for by readers of Carp-Talk Magazine. This was quite a moment for us, as despite tons of feedback from you guys letting us know how well-received the Tempest has been since it’s launch, it had never won a readers’ award – until now!

Best Bivvy

Winner – Tempest v2

Best Luggage
Winner – NXG

The 2015 Total Carp Magazine Awards
The tail-end of 2015 saw us scoop a total of six prizes in the prestigious Total Carp Magazine awards. These were spread across five categories, all of which were voted for by readers of the magazine:

Best Bivvy
Winner – Armo MkII
Highly-commended – Tempest v2

Best Luggage
Winner – NXG

Best Bedchair
Highly-commended – RLX Flat-6 Bed

Best Clothing
Highly commended

Best Instagram Account
Highly Commended – @trakker_carp