When you’re looking at carp bait most people go straight to boilies, these are the most popular choice for carp anglers around their world and it’s no surprise why! Small and round, these boilies are packed with the nutrients and attractants that will draw a carp into your swim and keep them feeding for hours. There are two main types of boilies out there: shelf-life boilies and freezer boilies. The difference between the two is: freezer baits are a fresh product that will go off after a few days if not air dried or kept in the freezer hence the name. They contain more active nutrients than a shelf life bait which makes them more appealing to some anglers.

Shelf life baits are also great in this day and age, most contain a liquid preservative to stop the boilie going off and meaning you don’t have to freeze it. They are still full of attraction and flavour but a more versatile option.

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