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Bivvies & Shelters have come a long way since carp fishing began, with many different options, sizes and styles to choose from and different fabrics too!

If you are a short session angler it might be worth considering a brolly or brolly system, they tend to be much quicker to put up and pack away in comparison to the conventional bivvy. The perks being they’re normally lighter, smaller and generally more compact. Obviously, the cons of this are you won’t have as much room as to be expected in a bivvy sytem.

Bivvys are ideal for someone that wants that bit more in regards to comfort. They are available in different sizes which is perfect if you want to go fishing with friends or family. You can buy bivvys with a pram hood to help prevent driving rain or just a standard flat front.

Last on the options list is shelters, like cook tents, these are brilliant for socialising and continental trips, they have tonnes of room, so you never feel cramped in.

Most of all the above products feature optional extras, so browse our website to find what you are looking for.

We stock Aqua, Trakker, Fox, Nash and Sonik.