Fish care is the most vital piece of equipment you can have. We want to look after our catches and return them in the same way which we caught them, if not better!

From taking the fish out of the water to putting it onto the unhooking mat/cradle. To having that catch shot, to returning it back to its watery home. We stock everything you could need to treat your prize in the correct way. Whether you’re after a cradle type mat or a typical flat mat we have plenty of options to choose from.

We have available products from Trakker, Aqua, Fox, Nash, Sonik

We have weigh slings which are available in different sizes and options of having them buoyant to let the fish recover for a few minutes before you do your photos. All of which are fish friendly and will not damage them if used correctly.

We have available products From Trakker, Aqua, Fox, Sonik and Nash

Carp care treatments are also a massive thing of today and should be an essential in everybodys fishing kit. They come in a variety of different types for different situations, some are for the body only, some are for the mouth only, some are for both.

We have available products from Nash and Korda.