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With reels there is so many options to choose from. Big pit reels, baby pit reels, bait runners, general small fixed spool reels, your world is your oyster. Most people tend to fish with big pits in todays day and age, because they are more of a versatile all-round reel. You can fish at distance if need be and although they are bulkier you can still use them for fishing close in or stalking.

Another thing to consider is whether the reel has any bearings. Whether these are ball bearings, shielded bearings, corrosion resistant bearings, or roller bearings, these are all designed to reduce the internal friction in the reel. Friction is one of the biggest causes of wear and tear in a reel, especially if any grit or grime manages to make its way into the reel body as this will exacerbate the process. However, not only do bearings increase the lifespan of your reel but they also aid with reel operation. The reduction in friction creates a smooth running reel, making casting more consistent and retrieval less of a battle. If you’re looking for a smooth running reel, then a general rule of thumb tends to be that the more bearings the reel has, the better running it will be. An additional bearing that you might find, particularly in fixed spool reels that offer a free spool function, is an anti-reverse bearing. Sometimes known as a one-way bearing or a clutch bearing, this prevents the handle from experiencing and reward back play, helping on the retrieve.

Another of the important features to look out for when you’re investing in a reel is the line lay. Line lay is the way the line spools onto the reel and the ideal reel will provide you with even and consistent line lay. After all, fishing line and reels come hand in hand and it is only by spooling your line correctly that you’ll be able to use the reel to its full potential. Line lay has huge implications on the casting distance that the reel is able to achieve, as well as the accuracy of the cast. A reel which has even line lay can add additional feet onto your cast – an essential consideration for the distance angler who likes targeting the far-side margin and large open water venues.

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