We have an ever growing range of carp fishing rods from stalking rods to 13ft distance casting rods, loads of different test curves available to. We also stock a wide rang of spod and marker rods.

The handle of the rod is another factor which is worth considering. Traditionally, cork has been used in rod handle manufacture and it is the favoured material of the classic carp angler. Cork does have some benefits over modern alternatives, including its heat retention (for comfort when cold weather angling) and its grip in wet conditions. However, as with all materials, it does have its drawbacks. Some anglers will find that that cork wears and crumbs more quickly than modern synthetic alternatives. Cork is also difficult to clean, so it will show the dirt early on. If you’re an angler who likes to look smart on the bank, cork might offer you the bespoke look you’re after for its first couple of uses but you may find yourself annoyed at the grime it picks up. The second most popular material used in carp rod handles is EVA. This is a plastic composite material which is favoured for its lightweight. It can also be precision manipulated, ensuring that you can enjoy an ergonomic hold on your rod. Like cork, it offers good grip in all weather conditions, however, it is also significantly longer lasting that cork. This means it will last much longer before it begins to show signs of wear – as well as being easily cleaned to preserve the spotless appearance of your tackle. Your rod handle will be finished with a butt cap, which is usually manufactured from stainless steel and engraved with the brand logo. This is designed to protect the blank from damage, as well as to look good! If you have any questions or queries or even just some advice get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to help.

We stock brands such as Fox, Sonik, Nash and Century.